Character Sketch

Bron: Woef magazine


He can apparently even catch a hare. It can also be trained retriever work, even from the water, although as a true African he does not like it very much.
Obedience is doing it fairly well, though you will not reach the top with him, he is a self-thinker, not a machine, and a far-reaching training is deciding exaggerated.


He is very watchful and not a runaway.
When he learned of his territory which is, you do not require fencing, will be told.


The Ridgeback is domineering, stubborn, independent, he refuses to be your slave, he does own ideas.
But he is friendly, tolerant, sensitive to your voice, makes sense of humor, is very manageable for its size, room type you want for life. He is easily offended and have a heart that is quick discharged. Inside the house they are very quiet.


It is an ideal dog for sporty people, but because he’s so quiet in the house also offers older people get along well with him.


As long as they patiently correct him and educate him realize that the movement should be in a much needed and that means gallop.

Child friendly

The Ridgeback is very good with children, very careful with the little ones, he will never even accidentally knocking over.


He is tolerant and semen can be kept with other animals. Although it became a real family dog, according to the breeder he would choose a person from family classification as super boss. Despite his pedigree he endured cold and wet as usual, it seems he does particularly well in the Scandinavian countries.

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