Inkululeku! Freedom!

The word is beautiful, the word is precious.  We have struggled against the political system from the beginning, we have nothing to be ashamed of.  Our young people and our old have died striving for a better world.

Our struggle will be successful, but it must never be forgotten.

You must preserve our words, carry them into the wider world, but preserve them too for our posterity, that our children may never forget what we struggled for, what we lost, what we sought to gain.

Mandla Madlala, Zulu storyteller

Dear visitor,

My family has asked me to present to your our kennel INKULULEKU. I accepted this task gracefully, being a grey and highly respected Rhodesian Ridgeback lady.

After careful consideration, the Rosiers-Pauwels family chose INKULULEKU as their kennel name. The meaning of this Zulu word is complementary to the pride and glory we show: Freedom! A Rhodesian Ridgeback is neither slavish nor submissive. We are not afraid of showing our affection but we do want to be treated with respect.

To start with the beginning of everything, me: My name is Cartouche Itanya from South Africa, the proud mother of all Inkululeku’s.  I arrived at Brussels Airport in June 1993 after a long flight and saw Alexandra, Odette and Guy for the first time.  It was love at first sight, from both ways.  My new owners didn’t just find me beautiful and gracious, but also social and extremely kind.  My trump card, as I discovered, was my beautiful head and expression.  A bonus, I do admit, that I sometimes used to get a biscuit, some attention or an extra cuddle.

After celebrating my third birthday in perfect health, an adequate male was chose our for me. It wzs Cartouche Nangu, a great pal and… a true South African.

Together we’ve had three gorgeous litters. All future dog owners were visited, checked and approved.

The INKULULEKU family things highly of the puppies’ education and socialization. All litters are born in the kitchen. The mistress sleeps at our side for the first weeks. The master doesn’t like this very much though, anyway…    Every day the puppies are weighed, changed several times, pampered and of course admired.

But let’s get back to our family history

In March of ’97 the tentative start into the world of dog showing was made.  And with a very nice result:  I became best bitch at the Belgian Club Show.  And as an extra: best group (me and two of my daughters)

As said before.  I’ve had three litters during my “career”.  My owners thought that was enough and I’m now enjoying my status as retired Mater Familias, and don’t worry.  I am making the most of it!

My daughter Inkululeku Utsanzi continued my life’s work.  She became the proud mother of two litters.  The first, the X-litter, was brought into this world with the help of Multi Champion Zumeli’s Ajabu.  For the second litter, the Z-litter, we chose DK Champion Kijasaman Fahari of Djungelkatten.

Out of my last litter, the Y-litter, two have chosen for a life in show business.  Now, I’m equally proud of all of my pups and I did have some objections to their choice.  But well, at one point you have to let your children go their own way and I must admit they’re doing not too bad, not too bad at all.

My little girl, Inkululeku Yavanna recently became French Champion.  Not easy if you consider that you don’t only have to collect the needed CAC’s but you also have to win Paris (Le Bourget) or the French Club Show (Pontoise) and a ‘special’.  And like that isn’t enough, you also have to pass the TAN.  This is a test which checks whether you still have the necessary natural instincts you should have being a Rhodesian Ridgeback.ikt.

I can be brief about Inkululeku Yardan: he’s International, Luxembourg and Belgian Champion.  He also passed the TAN.?
Furthermore he is a darling, very kind towards children and other animals.  At home he is as most Ridgebacks are, very calm, outdoors he’s all energy.
Needless to say I’m extremely proud of these two.

And step by step our third generation is coming into the spotlight.  CH. Inkululeku Yavanna and Cartouche E’Shumba’s son, our precious little rascal who has naughtiness written all over his face: Inkululeku Bandhu.  The result of this youthful enthusiasm is that he still needs a lot of work, but the future is definitely assured.

With love, Cartouche Itanya
May 2003, written down by Hilde Pellaerts
English translation by Alexandra Rosiers